Facebook Announces ‘Groups for Pages’

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Starting Today: Facebook Announces ‘Groups for Pages’
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By: Renee Cannady & Eric Storey
Today Facebook announced a new feature they are calling “Groups for Pages,” which essentially unlocks the potential for a fan base to officially connect with a given Page. Meaning, you are now able to directly associate with and navigate between official brand pages and official groups by adding the group’s tab to select page.

Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer at Facebook, rolled out the new feature by saying, “If you are an artist, a business, a brand, or a newspaper, you can now create fan clubs and groups centered around your super-fans.”

While this may make in impact on issue advocacy campaigns, this is projected to have huge implications for electoral campaigns in the coming cycle. All eyes will be on the Congressional social media managers on how they will utilize this new feature in the months to come. 

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